Saturday, September 17, 2011

The many faces of Uta Uber Kool Ja

Georgina Symes' alter ego, Uta Uber Kool Ja, talks to Rachel Barnes about life, love, and hosting her upcoming series of parties for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
Who is Uta Uber Kool Ja?
I'm a pop star, rock star, exhibitionist, performance artist, feminist, and troublemaker. I have had more incarnations than the Dalai Lama – but that's another story. Let's see, there was Little Uta – when I was a 16-year-old pop star in Paris. Then I became Uta & The Ubers with my punk rock band. That was when I used to hang with Viv Westwood and Malcy McClary at my store, My Cunt The Butcher – I sold fine cuts of sirloin, bloody fur capes and ironic feminist tea cosies. But good friends call me Oots or UkeyJ. You can call me Oots.
Why did you decide to put on this set of very intimate parties?
Intimacy is an antidote to loneliness, isn't it? The universal hum of human heartache, believe me I have had my unfair share, ignites me to step forward as a leader to unite and bring forth an 'army of love'. I'm inspired by so many amazing, creative women. Think Jane Birkin, Marianne Faithfull, Patti Smith, Chrissy Amphlett, Jane Fonda, Viv Westwood and many more. They inspired me to be honest, fabulous and uncompromising, and that's what these parties are about.
I read that you have already had a sneak peak at your party venue earlier this year, is it up to standard and ready for you?
Gosh. I cannot express how absolutely perfect and divine The Cullen is. I feel so, so spoiled that they are graciously accommodating me. The hotel is gorgeous, lots of vulvic pink – one of my favourite colours. I am actually the inspiration for some of Adam Cullen's portraits that are adorned all around the hotel... they are of long-legged horses wearing lipstick.
Why did you decide on performing in a hotel room with a limited guest list?
A hotel room is a place when you can press pause on your life. Regroup, reassess and get nude. Be anonymous and feel famous. But... I need to know if the paparazzi are going to snap me. Please respect my privacy in this very difficult time.
What can audiences expect from your intimate performances at the Melbourne Fringe Festival?
This is about you and I together. I want to rid the world of loneliness. What better way than to throw a party, invite strangers and get it on? A confessional, a salon, a hotel room all mixed together in a cocktail shaker of lust love and dress-ups.
Will it be hard for you to say goodbye to your guests at the end of each party?
If I had my way, they'd never leave me.
Because I know everyone will be begging to know, what is your sexual preference and are you single?
I prefer lots of sex. Yes, I've been with women, men, couples, bands, and once an orchestra. You can't label my sexuality, like you can't label my creativity. Right now I am between love affairs and disastrous marriages, I am desperately lonely. I guess that is a yes?
Do you think your sexuality has any influence over your performances?
Each stage of my creative career has been dictated by the overwhelming pheromones gliding through the ether. To my detriment at times. Now I am at a stage in my life where I am ready to be completely free from the demands of my vagina. But it will probably steal the show, so...
Will you be making any other appearances during the festival?
Oh yes, just try and keep me away from the Fringe Club, and of course the darling burlesque nights at Red Bennies. I need to be around my people.
What other acts are you hoping to see while you performing at the festival?
Goodness, so many. I'm very excited by the incredible Wau Wau Sisters, Fugly, After All This and The Waiting Place, to name just a few.
What are your plans for the future?
I feel as though this is the beginning of the next chapter for Uta Uber Kool Ja. I won't lie to you, the last decade has been a bit of blur. I'm waking up though, finally, and the future looks just divine... After these parties get me back in the spotlight, I expect I shall be on top of the charts. Once that happens, then perhaps some films? I'd love to do something "indie".

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