Monday, April 23, 2012

Supanova 2012

GCCEC – Fri Apr 20-Sun Apr 22

When you arrive at an event to be greeted by a weapons check-in area, you know that you’re in for one heck of a weekend. From the most intricate cosplay outfits (including those that barely cover anything at all) through to comic book signings, card games and movie memorabilia, the first Gold Coast Supanova is well-equipped to cater for every aspect of fandom.

It’s standing room only for most of the weekend in the exhibitors area as dedicated fans raid every inch of the vendor stalls hoping to find the perfect wand, comic, figurine, replica weapon, or that set of dice they have been saving for. If you’re not spending $350 on a replica World Of Warcraft Frostmourne blade, perhaps you’re watching an idol speak or waiting in line to get their autograph. And when it comes to superstars, Supanova has quite the range.

Peter Facinelli is one of the headlining actors at the event, much to the delight of Twihards everywhere. The perpetually 20-something Dr. Carlisle Cullen looks less pale in person, but still ravishing enough to make some girls squeal with excitement; although to be honest, most of the squealing is coming from the Weasley corner. Oliver and James Phelps’ autograph line never quite seems to diminish as wizards, witches, mudbloods and muggles alike put aside their differences and become wildly excited about the chance of seeing the Weasley twins in person. Elsewhere, ‘Geek all-star’ Wil Wheaton lives up to his title and is definitely the right pick for an expo seminar. Having featured in shows like The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Guild, he’s also a lifelong gamer and seems to really connect with the crowd that is gathered. Bullied most of his teenage years, Wheaton leaves the audience with some wise words of wisdom: “Be kind, be honest, work hard, and always be awesome.”

With cosplay competitions, live wrestling matches, Rockstar Rock Band performances, anime showings, and so much more, the proud geeks of the Gold Coast are all going home with smiles on their faces, and possibly a new suit of Boba Fett armour.


SUPANOVA will be back at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane later this year, from Nov 9–11.

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