Monday, October 31, 2011

These Kids Wear Crowns

Looking through his tour van for a lost shoe, lead vocalist ALEXANDER JOHNSON of Canadian pop-rockersTHESE KIDS WEAR CROWNS takes time-out to talk to RACHEL BARNESabout the band’s rocket ride to fame.

On his way from one side of Canada to the other in a van filled with music equipment and five other guys, Alexander Johnson couldn’t be happier. While embarking on a jet-setting tour that will take them from their northern home country to Australia, These Kids Wear Crowns have never lost sight of where it all started. The band was formed and “discovered” in 2009 and shot into the spotlight after appearing on a reality TV show similar to Idol. Much Music’s disBand had musicians competing against themselves in each episode while a panel of judges reviewed them. Unsigned before appearing on the show, Johnson says everything that has happened since, happened because they appeared on it. “It was very beneficial. That show was a great thing for us. It really gave us a huge jump, a huge leap in our career,” he says.

After the contest they re-released their EP and began work on their first studio album before they were signed to any label. They recorded six songs before the pen hit the dotted line and in August of 2010 they finally had a contract. Now working with producers they had only ever dreamed of, the group were able to finish their first album in style. “It was a great process, a fun experience too,” Johnson says.

However, when it comes to being creative versus going on tour, Johnson says he enjoys everything in moderation. “It’s fun to tour for five or six months and it’s fun to get time off and write at home until you get antsy and you want to tour again … It keeps it all fresh. I wouldn’t want to do anything for a full year straight.”

The boys recently bought a new van, which they have apparently made very homely, and are using it to travel around Canada. The confined space doesn’t get to them as they all consider each other family, and even have plans to someday make that a reality. “Three of us all have nieces and nephews between the ages of one and three, so possibly when they get older we’re gonna hook them up with who we think are their best mate and then we’ll be related. Forced marriages, arranged marriages,” he laughs.

With something else to look forward to before things get all Royal Family-ish, Johnson says they’re ready to bring their chaotic show back to Australia. “We want people to have fun and lose themselves and get crazy. Give us energy so we can give them some energy back. Everyone just lose yourself,” he says.

The band’s ‘Neon Army’ is sure to rock up in full force. The Neon Army is the name they give to people who not only love TKWC’s music, but also live the same way the boys strive to. The group lives by slogans like ‘positivity creates positivity’ and ‘live life like you love it’, and are supportive and inclusive of everyone. “Its not just anyone who likes our music, the Neon Army is more like a family,” Johnson explains.

These Kids Wear Crowns are always writing and plan on finishing the recording of their next album once they get back from Australia. At least now they have a label to send demos to.

THESE KIDS WEAR CROWNS play both an under-18s show (3pm) and an 18+ show (8pm) at The Hi-Fi on Saturday Nov 5. JUMPSTART is out now through EMI. For more info check

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